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We Financial Services Ltd. (WE) is a Corporate Member of the Pakistan Stock Exchange Guarantee Limited and has been facilitating investments since the days of the outcry system in 1993.

Operations began with former equity partner, Smith New Court (SNC), of the UK. Following SNC's acquisition by Merrill Lynch, WE partnered with Teacher & Greenwood (PLC), a 150-year-old retail broking house of the UK, in 1996. Having collaborated in various prestigious corporate finance deals within a short span of time, WE secured international trust and confidence, becoming the preferred choice for foreign fund managers. The best practices, corporate ethics, and standard operating procedures of these international giants have ever since been inculcated within the culture of WE Financial Services Ltd.

The highest order of professionalism reflects in our business dealings as WE enjoy the privilege of observing numerous reputed institutions in Pakistan. With deep-rooted ties within the local financial markets, WE now seek to expand our horizon of professional and business relationships and establish ourselves as an internationally known entity.

Confidentiality and personalized attention to clients are diligently practiced at WE; separate trading departments for individuals and institutions are in place. This has enabled WE to learn and sustain our clients' fervent trust over the years, thus building winning relationships. Our client’s belief in our competence has encouraged us to grow in order to help them grow.

With over 15 years of consistent broking & research experience, WE add to our heritage of providing convenience to our clients by establishing a mutual Fund management and investment advisory company. WE Investment Management Ltd. (WEi), registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan has already floated and managed WE Balanced fund under its belt.

Our desire to facilitate our clients in all their investment needs has led us to enter commodities trading. WE are all set to diversify our clients’ portfolio of assets under the banner of WE Commodities (Pvt) Ltd. (WEc).

Our state-of-the-art online trading facility WEOnline.biz (WEA), has been successfully providing trading convenience to our users. The acute blend of our human and technological resources assures our clients of a complete focus on trade

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