Our trading desk is geared to assist you in navigating through the ups and down of the capital markets. Strict confidentiality of transactions is one of our cardinal principles to ensure the protection of your interests and have separate desks for:



Our experts will offer you well-informed and objective advice to make investment decisions that will help you attain your financial goals. They work with you to develop an investment strategy compose a portfolio and monitor its performance so that the results are aligned with your goals.

Elaborate systems have been established to discourage conflicts of interest, so the advice you receive is an objective assessment of WE that increases the possibility of your investments working for you.

Our equity desk ensures that you are kept abreast of market developments and provides regular updates on your investment instructions in quick succession. This constant contact ensures that any emergent opportunities and trends are immediately picked by our desk and shared with you to capitalize on the opportunities.

This is further facilitated by the in-depth information available on our portal www.weonline.biz so the right decision is made at the right time.


For the first time in Pakistan, now you can watch our view on the market on our portal, live from the trading desk..


Our Stock Screener gives you the flexibility to filter the market based on the criteria that you select.



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