WEonline.biz (WE@), a division of WE Financial Services Ltd., the place where you will have access to the best that technology has to offer to trade at The Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. for all your financial goals.

The services offered are unmatched and are backed by systems that are acknowledged by the leading technology provider-IntelĀ®. Efficient system designs will let you concentrate on trading rather than frowning on service providers. And when we say systems we mean both human and technology based system as trading is just one of the instance where you interact with us.

The value of money that you receive magnifies manifolds when you consider the costs which is very competitive and can be customized according to your needs. Why should you pay for services that you do not need when you can subscribe from various plans according to the services that you prefer and can shed the extra cost.

Trading shares was never that easy and now only requires a key press. Your decision to make the key press is facilitated by providing you with research and other information in an investor friendly format from a pile of data which overwhelms an investor otherwise. You can choose from :

We have ensured that not only our systems are flexible and scalable but so do our offerings and you will not find any other offering better. We strive to assist you to make an informed decision to reach your financial goals.


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