"To be or not to be" is a famous quote attributed to Shakespeare and variant of this quotes, "To Buy or not to Buy" or "To sell or not to Sell" are the questions faced by every investor.

The number of variables to consider before an investor makes an investment decision makes the whole process not only time consuming but also nerve shattering. That too only when you have the requisite knowledge to answer such questions. What if you do not?

Whether you have the requisite resources or not, WE Investment Managers provide you an economically viable alternative to tap qualified investment professionals. Our experts manage your funds as per your guidelines to ensure your investment objectives are met.


WE Investment Management Ltd. (WEi), An Associated Company of WE Financial Services Ltd., was incorporated on December 07, 1994 as a private limited company and subsequently converted into public limited company in 2004 with the principal objective to act as an investment advisory company to mutual funds, and offer related financial services.

Total paid-up capital of WEi is PKR 50 million. WEi is licensed by the Commission to act as an Investment Advisor under Rule 5(2) of the NBFC Rules, vide License No. NBFC-42/IA-09/2005 dated October 04, 2005.


Dealing with a WE advisor gives you informed-control over your investments and offers you 3 significant advantages:

You enjoy access to a complete range of investment vehicles

You obtain clear, unbiased information and explanations that facilitate your decision making

You benefit from the rich objective advice of an experienced investment professional

Let us help you to achieve your financial goals.


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